Violation Tickets


If you are reading this, chances are you have at one time or another received a Violation Ticket. Like many others, you might have considered it to be unfairly issued, yet to fight it would require you to take time off work and go dispute in court, often with nothing more then the hope that the officer who issued it would not show up. It is not like these tickets are honestly issued. The authority to issue them is covered in so much deception it really feels more like we are being fleeced. The Violation Tickets and Appearance Notices used by The Province of British Columbia have been deconstructed and the deception inherent within them is about to be revealed to you. With this information, you can successfully deal with any Violation Ticket or Notice honorably and without worry of having to go to court. The way to deal with them is to first understand what some of the words on them actually mean. Then you must realize that you have options not mentioned on the Tickets themselves. Once you have a basic understanding of what it is you are actually dealing with, you can better defend yourself against them.


First you will learn what some of the more deceptive words mean, and then we will take a very close look at one of the Tickets and one of the Appearance Notices and examine not only what they do say, but more importantly what they do not say. Then you will be shown sample documents you can use as a template to deal with your own Tickets and Notices. Although this information is specific to British Columbia, it relies on Federal Statutes concerning Bills of Exchange and therefore should be suitable across the country.