We are pleased to announce the availability of ThinkFREE Packages which consist of the DVD “Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception”  seen on Google video, a DVD called “The Magnificent Deception”, a CD-ROM Called“ThinkFREE – BE FREE” chalk full of information on the law including 5 books in PDF format, two hard copy books one titled“Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception” and the other “Letters from a Freeman”, a Freeman Package with examples of the documents used to become a Freeman-on-the-Land, and some pamphlets you can copy and pass out to increase the level of freedom.


We do require $15 shipping to be paid and are willing to look at any fair and reasonable offers, including barter and trade.  Offers of $140 seem to be standard, are gratefully accepted by the ThinkFREE crew and used to further our endeavors in bringing about a dynamic, peaceful, lawful and positive shift in the existing paradigm.   Offers of much less than that infringes unacceptably on our resources and would seriously impede our research and activism efforts and thus may be honorably refused.  We do recognize there are many people of limited means who could benefit from these packages and we are not disinclined to helping out those in such situations and will accept offers that cover our basic costs.

We are also open to offers of investment or larger donations and if interested in doing so, serious yet good-natured parties are invited to contact myself at .

To request a ThinkFREE Package:

Send Shipping and Handling fee of $15 and a fair and reasonable donation to:


P.O. Box 315

Unit 158 – 123 Carrie Cates Court

North Vancouver, BC



Cheques or Postal Money Orders must be made payable to:

 Robert Menard or Robert Christy

NOTE: Request originating from outside Canada will have to use International Money Orders or Certified Cheques ONLY.