The Legal Process Of Going Through A Divorce

All cases of divorce in Canada are governed by the federal Divorce Act. Keep in mind however that the specific procedures and documents pertaining to divorce will be different for each particular province or territory, so check the specifics in your jurisdiction. Overview of the divorce process in Canada Step 1 Make the decision to […]

How A Personal Injury lawyer Can Help You

If you or anyone you know has recently suffered a traumatic brain injury, hiring a personal injury lawyer could be the best course of action available to you. Brain injuries result in disruption to the brain’s normal function, and it may be caused by any incident that involves a bump or blow to the head […]

Pursuing A Legal Claim With A Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain injuries are some of the most debilitating and traumatic conditions that any person can experience. They can cause long-term damage and affect the ability of the injured to live a normal and fulfilling life. The most logical course of action that any person who has suffered a brain injury can take is to pursue […]


Do you need a SIN? Everybody looks forward to their first job and are told that they need a Social Insurance Number in order to work ‘legally in Canada’.  Wishing to do their part for their society, they eagerly line up to be associated with a number, taking as law the word of those who […]

Challenge to Debate

Freeman-on-the-Land Robert-Arthur: Menard Does hereby extend a CHALLENGE TO DEBATE To: Any and All members of The Law Society of BC or Canadian Bar Association Any and All Judges of the Provincial Court of British Columbia Any and All Judges of the Supreme Court of British Columbia Any and All Crown Prosecutors Any and All […]

Letter to Alberta AG

Thursday, May 31, 2007 To: Ron Stevens, the human acting as The Attorney General of Alberta Courtesy Copy:  Cst. Hiscock, a human being acting as a peace officer and a law enforcement officer Carbon Copy: TWIMC   Hello and Good day!  I am Robert-Arthur: Menard, and as Freeman-on-the-Land in this common law jurisdiction, I bring […]

New Zealand

Dear Robert & Gang. To inform you….a snippet of the impact (and excitement) you have here in Australia and New Zealand. Brief History:   (just so you won’t take umbrage to the last bit KJ) Watched Money Masters – years ago (but what can you do?) HOWEVER!!      Then came    ‘ America. freedom to fascism’ – ‘ Russell Parisky, Natural Person’, ‘ […]

News from The Web

Man arrested and charged for riding his bike from the airport.  Will this BS make it’s way to Canada, or will we stand on guard?

Adventures in Persondom

From the web: Adventures in Persondom, a fairy tale in equity. Once upon a time, in a country nearby, the persons were being repressed by their once servant government. Nobody knew what to do. Their government encroached on any and all the rights and liberties of the persons any time they could. Passing rules of […]

Letter to Carmel Wiseman, Law Society Wrist Slappe

July 12, 2007 To: Carmel Wiseman CC: TWIMC Hello and good day! Robert-Arthur: Menard here once again this time responding to your email from yesterday in which you attached an undertaking for me to sign evidencing agreement. I hope this communication of opinion and fact finds you healthy, happy and well and leaves you feeling […]