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Letter #1:


Hello Rob,

The work that You have done in decoding Our legal system’s bs legal language has been and is more valuable than many of Us realize at this point; I contend that it has paved the way for the downfall of Our corrupt government. Let Us continue to pray for that downfall to occur as soon as divinely possible in a way that is in everyone’s Highest Interest.

I have two related questions that You may have answers to, and if You do, I would love to hear them 🙂

Do You know of any groups of People here in Alberta like the one You have scheduled meetings for every second week in Van on thinkfree.ca?

Do You know of any Notaries of the Public in Edmonton or Red Deer or anywhere in between who would be willing to notarize stuff for My Uncle and I? We were stymied last night by a lawyer in Red Deer who wouldn’t notarize Our responses because “…they won’t work.”

You and Your loved ones are in My thoughts and prayers Robert, may God bring You everything You deserve for Your exemplary sacrifice and service.

God Bless Us All,
Light, Love And Power Be Us Now,



 I thank you for your kind words and I hope you do not mind me sharing them and your questions.

Question #1:  Yes there is a group about to be started by a guy named Danny.  Get it?

 Question #2: Not by name but that is not necessary.  I can find them in the phone book, read the Act and their oath and go in and help them find the will to act lawfully, properly and well in my favour.  I don’t know that I would go to a lawyer; try a Notary Public who is not a lawyer and bear in mind,there is always remedy.  What a Notary refuses to do can be lawfully accomplished using three members in good standing within your community, preferably ones with some sort of professional standing. 

Again Thank you kindly for your nice words and may God do what ever He/She/It wants and hopefully and preferably without squashing me/you/us.




Letter #2:

i was just curious if you had a way to dis-associate my offspring from the certificates. register them as debtors on a ppsa 1c? any help would be greatly appreciated. another thing i was curious about was possibly purchasing the freeman package. also the repent sinner link doesn’t seem to open up anything on the site. by the way, do you get to Ontario much? i would really like to take one of your seminars and I’m sure a few others would too. i would like to thank you brother for opening my eyes a bit wider. my grandfather told me years ago that we don’t have to pay taxes, that its voluntary.like an idiot i fell for the “you MUST file a return” and the S.I.N. slave id #. I should have known better. I have always felt there was something wrong about all this,always questioned it but fell for it nonetheless.  I hope to hear from you soon

best wishes to you and yours,

mark-anthony: of the clan wxxxxxxxx


The bible teaches to be neither debtor nor borrower and to be as a child.  I would not register them as either if you want them truly free.   You can disassociate your offspring from documents and numbers with a simple Notice of Disassociation.  The right to associate implies the right to not associate.

We are heading to Ontario this summer; keep an eye on the website for dates and locations.  Your Grandfather was wise.

Peace, eh?

Robert-Arthur: Menard





 Letter #3

Hello again Robert,

Following our conversation the other night, I’ve attached two jpegs; the first is the letter I sent regarding the parking ticket and the second is their response.

At the risk of sounding dramatic, I do feel a little like I’ve taken the ‘red pill’ and that I’m waking up. However, I’ll reserve my judgment until a London Congestion Charge penalty I’m dealing with is resolved using a similar letter. The congestion charge is a particularly sore point here in London and ‘they’ are the ‘immovable object’ on that score.


Obviously in the case of the parking ticket, the process worked, much to my complete bewilderment, but I’m still not quite sure whether I got it 100% right. For instance, there were elements I left out regarding the geographical area/fiction and a ‘human being’ existing within it, simply because I’m still unfamiliar with the concept. Yes, it was affective none the less but how could I have made it more so?


I would throw off my National Insurance Number in a heartbeat but I’ve yet to discover how that would affect my future employment, mortgage and travel. Travel is the big on for me; as an actor, I tend to work in American features and therefore have to travel fairly regularly. Anything that would make that process difficult might prevent me getting work. Any thoughts on that aspect?


One last question to finish; I don’t know how parking tickets are issued in BC but here they are left on your windscreen (which cannot be a legal way to serve a bill, surely?), so asking the issuer to ‘present the bill’ is not possible. And our speeding tickets are sent in the post after a camera captures your license plate. So considering there is very little human interaction in these matters, should the letters be about the fact that we’re dealing with ‘bills of exchange’, or should we simply be trying to have them prove we are our ‘persons’?


Best regards to you and yours,







Letter #4  

Hi all,

I would like to report a little of what kept me busy the last few weeks and that I believe is turning out to be effective and successful.


In early January I made up my Notice of Understanding that Robert Menard has on his website and of course tailored it for my specific life and sent it off notarized and registered to all the levels of government; the Mayor of the town I live, the RM for the land I own, the MLA, MP, Lieutenant Governor of Sask., and the Clerk of the Privy Council. That about covers all the law makers. They had ten days to respond with a counter claim and didn’t so I sent them all a Notarized Notice of Non- Response.


Several days later, after still no response, I  had the notary send them a Default Judgment.

The next step is to publish this Default Judgment so I started by sending the whole thing, about 20 pages to the local RCMP detachment. I thought I should include a few more around the area so I faxed one to each of 88 RCMP detachments. Also to the RCMP Commissioner in Ottawa, the Attorney General of Sask, a half dozen  Dept. of Hwy Weigh Scales in both Sask and Manitoba and to SGI.  A copy is also filed into the Provincial and Queen’s Bench Courts in Regina and Yorkton.


After all this faxing to the RCMP, I got a knock on my door to which I didn’t immediately answer, so they called and wanted to come talk to me. I agreed and let 2 RCMP officers into my house. Now I know this is usually not a smart thing to do, especially since I have NO TRESSPASSING signs all around my yard.  But I thought this may be a necessary and important meeting.  They asked how many faxes I sent out and I told them a couple dozen. They asked why? and I asked if a certain law was broken?  They said No, so I asked what the problem was?


Well they said they are getting a lot of calls from other distant far off detachments as what the hell this is. I asked if they read it? They said yeah most of it. I said if you read it you wouldn’t have any questions, it was very clear.


The Corporal asked me if my vehicles were registered and I said that one is and the other two will be wearing this ID plate. I handed him my Kingdom of God plate. He said that was fine to put on the front of the car. I said no no no, it is going on the rear as the only ID that I am using. They passed it back and forth to each other and asked where I got it from?  Just some sign shop I said.   Then they asked what those letters YHVH meant?  I said that is the name of the Lord; Yahweh. They seemed amazed at that and almost seemed to respect it. (Which they definitely should have).


I told him there is more than adequate insurance on these private cars via the bonds I posted to the treasury dept and that I have proof with court transcripts and a letter from Ralph Goodale.  He then asked if I have a Driver’s License and I asked him if I needed one?  He said I should really really have one and that it is the law.  I asked if he was referring to the Hwy Traffic Act? because I could not find how it applied to me the private man not working in commerce.  He said that it does apply to private people. I said fine, if this ever gets to court, he will have to bring along a certified copy of that act and show me where and how it applies to me.  They got up and left. I thanked them for coming and expressed the importance of this little meeting.  I found out later that day, the other cop was the Sergeant from Canora, the next town to the west.


A week later on Feb. 24, as I was travelling to Saskatoon I was followed for a few miles by a Conservation Officer’s truck, right close behind. Then they pulled by and kept going.  The next day upon returning home I was followed by an RCMP cruiser for several miles, right on my bumper and he too, pulled by and kept going.   I know they both ran the plate and of course found out that it must be this “guy” from Kamsack and to just leave him alone, because that is exactly what happened.  I feel very safe and secure in my Kingdom of God automobile and believe that I can go wherever I like without any problems from them tax collectors.


Further I believe this Notice of Understanding may remedy many other even larger problems in the future.  I will continue sending out more copies to inform still more agencies and authorities that they are not my agent and do not have any authority over me.  Today my dad renewed his 2002 van and it cost $924.00  My plate cost just $24.00 and will last for ever.


One of my cars was imported from the US and has never been certified or registered here and would need to pass their safety test. Well, that isn’t going to happen. It now travels throughout the Kingdom of God and He certifies it.


I strongly suggest more people consider this process and order a plate where I did and take back your freedom to travel and unload that monkey off your back.  I believe freedom and sovereignty cannot be attained as long as you are licensed and registered. It all starts there.


If anyone would like to see my notice and plate please contact me.



WOW that’s a great read Stuart!  It is inspiring for all who wish to follow the lawful path. The reason I believe it works can be found by looking at what you said in “if this gets to court’.  The fact is two things need be established in court: facts and law.  By using the Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right we establish the facts indisputably and thus half the process is essentially complete.  The fact is you have already been to court; after all you received a notarized Default Judgment did you not? The other reason this works is that the process creates an almost airtight defense for your actions in that you have at the very least created the colour of right if not actual right.  Couple this with the fact that a prosecutor has to have a reasonable chance of success of a prosecution before initiating one and you stymie them.

Additionally, if you have got this far it is easy to assume that you could do them more than a little harm if you ever got them on the stand and started asking certain fundamental questions concerning the source, nature and limits of their authority as well as their understanding of the Law.

I will also tell you one thing though; this process will fail if you do not act with compassion and treat those peace officers with civility and respect.  If you do they are bound by the law, they will appreciate your restraint and compassion and will not seek to harm you.   You will reap what you sow.  It is easy to do this when you are not burdened by fear or anger.

If one is not comfortable inviting them into one’s home, I would suggest setting up a meeting in a public coffee shop with a semblance of privacy.  Additionally, the entire process is in fact an invitation to discuss and negotiate in order to avoid conflict so when they ask to speak to you, you best accept, but feel free to attach conditions to protect your comfort, safety and rights.  They will test to see if you are angry, violent, and psychotic or a general threat to the community.  They will also be sizing you up and testing your knowledge of the law, confidence, compassion and respect for their office and it is your chance to get big and good and shiny.  Sounds like you did so quite well.

The reason you feel safe is because of facts and law, and you my friend are standing on a perfected Claim of Right soundly built upon lawful and properly served Notices of Understanding and Intent and they can’t touch you without very just cause for they would be breaking the Law themselves.  And they know it.

Further protection is achieved if you have a fee schedule filed where if they do stop, arrest or incarcerate you they automatically agree to pay you say $2000 per hour or portion thereof for any orders accepted under protest and duress and you perfect that in the exact same way, then you will be in a position to secure judgment against them commercially and personally.

Also a Promise of Peace served and perfected in the same way will remove from them any claim that they have a right to use violence if they are called to arrest you.  If you have a fee schedule filed where you are earning $2000 an hour but that is predicated upon you acting peacefully and under protest why would you use violence?  You wouldn’t and therefore they will have difficulty justifying the use of any violence against you.

We have always had remedy.  If we act reasonably, compassionately and fearlessly, we are treated reasonably, compassionately and respectfully.

Well done and thanks for the letter!

Robert-Arthur: Menard




Letter #5 

I just watched your video (“bursting bubbles”) on google (it was a link) and it was so good.  I appreciate all the work you have put into preparing the seminar.  I love listening to the Truth even if it doesn’t pertain to me -being I’m from the United States or the UNITED STATES or the United States of America or… I don’t even know what the sovereign version name of my own country is.

Anyways, that brings me to my point.  Do you know where I can obtain all this information as it relates to USA?

If not that’s OK I was just hoping you would. Thanks again for putting your movie out there.


Aloha to you!

It is my honest belief the truth is universal and applicable as such.  Are we not all created equally?  Can anyone claim to be so gifted that they have the right and power to govern others without their consent?  Do you not in the US have a “House of Representatives”?  Can they represent you without your consent? Much of what I studied and learned was from your country and went back to the common law.  The use of notices and claims is a very old custom and at one point was necessary before commencing action.  Many of the statutes relied upon up here for securing freedom are identical to ones in the states.  I know Notary Publics in many of the states are empowered to the same degree as they are here.


Furthermore, simple things, like treating your fellow man with compassion and choosing to not fear seem to be key to freedom and they should work anywhere.   Also, all you are doing is asking for discussion and negotiation and using words, if they do respond with violence, then you know the gig is up and the charade is over and you are living in an out and out police state.




Letter #6


Hello Robert,

My name is Colton, and I first came across your “Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception” video which was on Google Video. I was blown away by the information you have provided, and I have to say, I can’t thank you enough for providing this information to the public.

I recently saw the second video “The Magnificent Deception” on Google Video as well, and I really liked it a lot. You answered some questions which were left out of the first video.

I live in BC as well so I have talked to a couple friends and tried to educate them on this. Some of them things it’s impossible, but I didn’t subscribe to that attitude. I contacted a local public notary, and he verified most of what you said. He said that he would have no problem doing it for me, and that he has done it before for others. For a cost of only $25 to do, it’s pretty much a done deal to me. 😉

But, because I have a family, I want to make sure I am 100% sure about everything, and how it all works and so on. So, I would like to ask you a few questions if it isn’t too much of a bother.

Here is some of what I have found out. I have contacted the notary, and he verified that I can have the documents filed and he will handle anything I need in regards to that, which his duties allow. When I go in there, I will give him the links to the Google videos so that he can educate himself as well. One thing he mentioned was that he has some guy from the revenue service come in, and he asked the guy if people “get away with this, and not pay income tax”, and the guy responded something along the lines of “we always get what we want, and we always get them in the long run”. Hmm… I don’t know about you, but that sounds like mafia, or some bully, which I will refuse to be a part of.

I have contacted my bank (TD Canada Trust) and asked them if I can continue my bank account with them, but remove my association with my SIN. They said they Yes they can do that, but the only down side, is they cannot loan me any money. Which I don’t have that big of a problem with.

I’m pretty sure I would have to cancel my credit cards, as they are only associated with a SIN correct? Or can I have them disassociate my account from my SIN as well? This I am not sure about.

Another thing I am not sure about, is what about medical. Medical in BC is a paid service… well, I get a bill for it anyway. Is it associated with the artificial person, and therefore I would have to abandon that as well? Or is that something which any freeman can be a part of still?

In regards to my work, I am currently employed by a software company. I work from home, and develop software. (I deal with web programming, so perhaps I may be able to help you with some something as well) In working for them, I am currently an IT administrator as well, which makes me a CTO/CISO in their model. Can I change my employment so that I am not associated with my SIN, and remain in that position as a freeman under some other type of employment contract?

I will continue to look into this and spend the time researching it. Me and my fiancé are going to be having our second child soon, and I want to make sure both of them are born into freedom, and not slavery. I thank you again for all of the information you have provided and continue to provide. I will try and do the same with everything I learn as well.

If I ever get into a situation where I need an agent, do you have a fee, or a way that I may be able to have you act as my agent, or do you only do that as a service to friends and people you know? I would myself like to be able to help others and act as an agent some day, but that takes time, as there is a lot of stuff to be learned.

Thanks again, and know that your work is not going un-noticed and that you are helping people wake up. So you know, I also have done a lot of research into the things people like Alex Jones claim (since I saw you have links to him on your site) and what you are talking about ties into with all of it. You have provided a way out of it all, Thank you.


Hi Colton thanks for writing.  Your welcome for the video and ThinkFREE crew is happy you benefited.  In answer to your questions and comments, I would love to know who the CRA agent was who spoke so arrogantly.  The fact is they can’t collect a penny from you under the Income Tax Act if you do not have a SIN and they can’t force you to have or keep one.

I do not know about a credit card, but a debit card does not require a SIN I am quite sure. Besides living on credit is a big part of the problem and is a form of economic slavery.  Live on less and the planet is happier.  It is convenient I know.  So is a diaper. Doesn’t mean I want one.

If you are using the Medical Plan as it stands, then you are applying for those services and as such may be seen as a child of the Province and therefore regulated.  It would not be difficult to lay claim to a right to access those services and pay as required without begging for them.  Bear also in mind, the services they provide for you is not the medical services themselves but an insurance scheme to pay for services.  They have a duty to provide you with medical services if they are required and a lack of insurance cannot justify denial of said services.  You can always ask for a bill and then discharge that bill if one is even properly presented.  You have a right to health care regardless of whether you have insurance.  The people who administrate the insurance scheme for some reason do not want you to know that.  Go figure.

As for employment, yes, you can stop being in a contract for services and operate under a contract for hire.  A private two party contract is nobody’s business but the parties to it.  It does require an agreement between you and your ‘employer’ and you will stop calling them ‘employer’ and yourself ‘employee’.

Not really into being an agent as I have much on my plate as it stands, and if you ‘get into a situation’ then likely you may have done something inappropriate and you should look at offering amends. And stop getting into situations. Also for the record, I do not practice law in the Province of British Columbia nor do I provide or offer any legal advice.  I chuck dumplings.

I thank you for your kind words and trust me, I am aware my work does not go unnoticed as I am in the habit of drawing attention to it!  (The Law Society LOVES me…)  Have a great day, keep learning and realize attaining freedom is actually far easier than certain parties want you to believe.

Peace, eh?

Robert-Arthur: MenardFreeman-on-the-Land