Immigrating To Canada Through The Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program is a special path to Canadian citizenship for individuals who meet a range of different requirements. The program is primarily designed to allow people who are ready, willing and able to perform skilled labor the opportunity to start contributing to the economy of a province as quickly as possible. Applicants are asking for the sponsorship of a province during the longer permanent immigration process. A person who successfully becomes a nominee is often able to start living and working in Canada even without completing the federal immigration process. There are several specific requirements for each application, and should consult with an immigration layer Toronto for help.

Permanent Resident

Part of the application process to become a nominee involves displaying a firm and unwavering intention to become a permanent citizen of Canada. This specifically means becoming a resident of the province that will be nominating the individual for citizenship. Applicants are required to live within the chosen province once an application has been accepted. An application might not be approved if the province deems that the applicant does not have a genuine intention to settle in the area.

Provincial Requirements

Every province in Canada except Quebec has an individual set of requirements for the Provincial Nominee Program. Quebec has a completely different system in place. All provinces allow skilled workers who have a firm job offer to file an application. A few provinces allow semi-skilled workers in certain fields as well. People who have relatives living in the province are allowed to apply in all but a handful of areas. Other people who can apply for provincial nominee status include farmers, international students and individuals who are part of a strategic recruiting initiative. Each province has a different application procedure. Some provinces require a personal interview while others require applicants to attend a class about the history of the region.

Skill Requirements

The acceptance or denial of an application relies largely on the skills of the applicant. Each province has a list of trades and professions that are currently underrepresented in the area. People who are able to perform these professionals are very likely to be granted nominee status. Applicants who are skilled in an area that is not required or who have no formal job training are not likely to be approved. Another requirement for most people is that a business in the province must be actively offering a job to the applicant. This is done to prevent people from immigrating to an area where there is no hope for employment in a certain field. There are a small number of jobs that are in such high demand that anyone working in one of these fields will be allowed entrance even if certain secondary criteria are not met.

Citizenship Application

Most of the provinces in Canada will allow someone who has been approved through the Provincial Nominee Program to immediately move to a province and start working. The nominee must still apply for permanent citizenship through Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The application for permanent citizenship will be processed according to federal guidelines. Nominee status might help to improve the chance of being granted citizenship although it will not speed up the process in most cases.

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