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ThinkFREE is dedicated to helping achieve a freer and more just society, where authority is achieved without deception and exercised with restraint, understanding, accountability and compassion.  We employ educational seminars, guerrilla videography,  Notarial justice, advocacy, public action and dance.  (Seriously, never doubt the power of dance)

Recognizing that justice is truth in action, we champion not only human rights but human dignity and firmly believe there is more than enough for everybody.  Using the power of truth and simple questions we shine a light on those who seek to deceive and subjugate and once identified, we do not shy from the duty to peacefully and lawfully correct.


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  • The Bills of Exchange Act
  • The Law & Equity Act
  • The Motor Vehicle Act
  • The Income Tax Act
  • How to use a Notary Public to secure justice
  • The difference between an Act and The Law
  • How your SIN makes you a government agent
  • How to create and use a Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right
  • How Government Entities have hoodwinked Citizens into losing their rights

Blog Posts:

Does Legalization of Medical Marijuana Have An Effect Of Lowering Crime Rates?

The use of cannabis-based for medicinal uses, also called medical marijuana Toronto, is a topic of much debate. Many claim that cannabis has healing properties and can help aid a variety of ailments. However, due to the state of prohibition with regards to cannabis, there have been few studies. Recently, using cannabis for medical purposes has been legalized. This means that people who once turned to the black market for their medicine are now able to get it at state licensed dispensaries. So has this lead to a decrease in the amount of crimes being committed? Read on to find out.


The Liberal Perspective On Erotic Massage Services

Prostitution has been legal to varying degrees in Canada since laws were consolidated in the Criminal Code in 1892. However, changing societal mores through the decades sometimes make legal pay-for-play seem more like duck and dodge. Such appears to be the case today in Canada in regard to erotic Toronto massages.


Immigrating To Canada Through The Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program is a special path to Canadian citizenship for individuals who meet a range of different requirements. The program is primarily designed to allow people who are ready, willing and able to perform skilled labor the opportunity to start contributing to the economy of a province as quickly as possible. Applicants are asking for the sponsorship of a province during the longer permanent immigration process. A person who successfully becomes a nominee is often able to start living and working in Canada even without completing the federal immigration process. There are several specific requirements for each application, and should consult with an immigration lawyer Toronto for help.


Things To Know About Wage Garnishment In Canada

If a person owes a debt and has not made a payment for quite some time, then he or she may face wage garnishment. This is a process where money is deducted from your paycheck in order to pay for your debts. Below is a list of key things you need to know about getting wages garnished:

The Process

The creditor will obtain a court order in order to begin the process of garnishing a person’s wages. The order will then be presented to the debtor’s employer. The employer is required by law to comply. The funds will be paid directly to the court.

Keep in mind that there are some cases where a garnishment can be performed without a court order. For example, no court order is needed if a person owes back taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency. People who have an assignment of wages from the credit union can also get their wages garnished without a court order.


How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Protect Your Rights

People who have been injured deserve to have their rights protected. In order to protect those rights, it is important to have a good personal injury attorney. What can a great personal injury lawyer do for Toronto residents? The function is often multiple. A good attorney does much more than argue the case at trial. A good attorney can advise a client on whether or not they have a viable claim. A good attorney can also provide help in the pre-litigation process, possibly settling the case to get the plaintiff a quick payoff. A good lawyer considers each case individually on its own merit.


When You May Need An Employment Lawyer

When an employer terminates an employee and the employee alleges wrongful termination, Canada’s labour law protects his or her rights. Wrongful dismissal may be applied to an individual’s position or when a larger scale termination or layoff of employees occurs. Legal recourse against the employer under termination of employment laws in Canada.  In these cases, it may be helpful to get help from an employment lawyer Toronto.


Pursuing A Legal Claim With A Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain injuries are some of the most debilitating and traumatic conditions that any person can experience. They can cause long-term damage and affect the ability of the injured to live a normal and fulfilling life. The most logical course of action that any person who has suffered a brain injury can take is to pursue a legal claim for compensation, which is where a brain injury lawyer Toronto comes in.  -> Read more…



How A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

If you or anyone you know has recently suffered a traumatic brain injury, hiring a personal injury lawyer Toronto could be the best course of action available to you. Brain injuries result in disruption to the brain’s normal function, and it may be caused by any incident that involves a bump or blow to the head or neck. Even the most seemingly trivial and insignificant incidents can result in a brain injury, and emergency as well as long-term medical care is almost certainly a necessity. -> Read more…


The Legal Process Of Going Through A Divorce

Overview of the divorce process in Canada

Step 1

Make the decision to divorce and separate from your spouse.

Step 2

Obtain an application for divorce. Keep in mind that the necessary forms will be different for each province and territory. The proper forms for your jurisdiction may be obtained from a divorce lawyer or family lawyer Toronto. They are also available in many bookstores, in court office, or from information centers dealing with family law.  –> Read the rest of the steps…



Why Your Business Need A Tax Lawyer

Regardless of the size of your business, if you engaging in regular monetary transactions through your company, it is without a doubt a good idea to have a tax lawyer on board that can take care of any legal issues that you may encounter. The reality is that big brother has a very large eye and will without a doubt be looking into the revenue that your business generates and anyone that owns a business will likely tell you that there most definitely will be inquiries. Often time’s these things don’t end up working out and there are discrepancies, in which case you may have to go to court. This is where your tax lawyer becomes an integral part of your business. Many people do not think that they need a lawyer or that they operate and conduct their business in such a way that they will never face legal action, but in truth, things come up all the time and you should have someone to represent you when these things happen. ->Read more…