99 Drums


Concept:  a friend of ours from Ontario was kind enough to give us some drums he had made as a token of appreciation for our efforts and that simple action then led to the idea for 99 DRUMS.

99 DRUMS will be made by hand and shipped to Victoria BC, where 99 volunteer activists will then form a drum circle around the court house and using those drums will express their frustration and distrust of the justice system while planting the seeds of peace and goodwill.  There will then be a big party and the drums will be signed by the volunteers.   The drums will then be collected and brought to Vancouver, where 99 other volunteer activist will then form a drum circle around the court house there.

And so it goes across Canada, with those 99 DRUMS travelling from Victoria to Halifax stopping at the major centers and clearly demonstrating our power to achieve change and secure authority over those who claim to serve us.  Once the country has been traversed, the drums will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to various yet to be chosen charities.

If you would be interested in being a part of this amazing concept either as an activist drummer in your city or in production, please contact the production assistant listed in the contacts section.

Change should be FUN!